MEBO + PEMF + HBOT = Wound Healing

Written By
Jess Osbaldiston
Pure O2 Health Therapist.

1st March 2018

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy have both been shown to assist in the healing of wounds by increasing the blood flow to the damaged area, regenerating nerves and tissue growth, and then pushing oxygen into the area to aid in speeding up the healing process.

Just recently we began stocking MEBO Wound Repair cream in our clinic and have seen this take off with some pretty good results so far after just a short time.

So what is MEBO cream and why is it so good??

MEBO stands for Moist Exposed Burn Ointment and aims to treat damaged tissue organs in the skin by stimulating stem cells and directly repairing and regenerating tissues without transplantation.  There are a few different types of creams in the range, but the main ones we use and stock at Pure O2 are the Wound Repair and Burn Repair.

MEBO cream is made of natural plant extracts dissolved in a sterile and refined sesame oil base with beeswax as a preservative and has no known toxicity or side effects after extensive safety and toxicological testing.  It is a registered medicine in over 30 countries, and used in over 20,000 hospitals. According to statistics, MEBO has a curative rate of 99.42%, which is pretty incredible!

There are many therapeutic benefits of Wound Repair and Burn Repair creams, including:

  1. Providing analgesic;
  2. Preventing continued thermal injury;
  3. Providing an anti-inflammatory action;
  4. Managing local infection;
  5. Providing moisture and cell nutrition; and
  6. Reducing scar formation.

The Wound Repair cream is what we have been using so far and having success with, along with various other mHBOT clinics around New Zealand, by aiding in the repair of non-healing wounds, including diabetic ulcers.  Some of these wounds had been open for 7 years and have been closed in just 1 month using a combination of MEBO cream, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, all of which we offer here at Pure O2.  Our clients that are currently receiving treatment utilising all three modalities are already noticing improvements after having no changes for quite some time prior to treatment.

MEBO creams are not just useful for extreme circumstances, they are also very helpful to have in the home for everyday use.  The Burn Repair can be used for all types of burns including sun burn, chemical, electrical, radiotherapy, scalds, nappy rash, sweat rash and chafing to name a few.  Great to have on hand for if kids get burnt by the oven or fireplace, or are out in the sun too long over the summer. While the Wound Repair is for all types of wounds, including, ulcers, cracked nipples, shingles, fissures, chilblains and cracked/chafed/grazed skin.  It is safe to use on pregnant woman and young children.

We have been pretty impressed with the case studies we have seen, and also with the experiences of ours and other mHBOT clinics around New Zealand, and we recommend giving these creams a try for yourself and to have in your home for any minor emergencies.

We are excited to see the final outcomes for our clients currently using these modalities and will share the final results once we have completed treatment, so watch this space!

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