Pure O2’s

Treatment Prices

Our list of prices for all of our services. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is beneficial in treating a large number of health problems like stroke, chronic fatigue and traumatic brain injuries, read more about the benefits here

*Session times are 8.00am, 10.15am, 12.30pm (Monday to Friday) and 6.00pm (by appointment only).  Please contact us via phone, email or fill out our form and we can arrange a suitable appointment time for you.

After the initial consultation the HBOT technician will come up with a treatment protocol catered to your personal needs.  Studies have shown that frequency of treatment is important to achieving optimal outcomes.  For chronic health issues or long standing issues, we recommend 5 days on and 2 days off for a period of 40 sessions.

QRS PEMF Mat Treatment Prices

QRS PEMF Mat Mintues Price
8 $8
16 $16
24 $24

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment Prices

Please allow 2 hours per session

HBOT  Sessions Price
1 $85
10 $830 ($83 per session)
20 $1600 ($80 per session)
40 $3000 ($75 per session)

QRS PEMF Mat Rental Prices

We understand that travel to our clinic every day for PEMF treatment may not be achieveable to all clients, so please ask us about renting one of our QRS mats to use in your own home from $100 per week for a minimum of 4 weeks.

QRS PEMF Mat Purchase Price

We find that once our clients start experiencing the amazing benefits of daily use of our PEMF mats they decide that they need to have their own.  Fortunately, you can purchase QRS mats through Pure O2 for $5,300 including GST.

Brain Gauge Test Prices

We offer a 20 minute Brain Gauge testing session for $80.  A Brain Gauge test will provide you with a snap shot of your brain’s health or a baseline prior to treatment.
Special Announcement

We have moved to Next Step Building at 14B Hocking Street, Mt Maunganui. To celebrate we are offering all new clients 50% OFF your initial consultation package, only $50 (valued at $100). To receive your emailed voucher please enter your details below.