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Hire Prices

Our list of prices for all of our services. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is beneficial in treating a large number of health problems like stroke, chronic fatigue and traumatic brain injuries, read more about the benefits here

Please contact us via phone, email or fill out our form and we can arrange a phone consultation to discuss whether renting a chamber or mat in your home will be suitable for you.

After the initial consultation the HBOT technician will come up with a treatment protocol catered to your personal needs.  Studies have shown that frequency of treatment is important to achieving optimal outcomes.  For chronic health issues or long standing issues we recommend 5 days on and 2 days off for a period of 40 sessions, which is why our clients find that renting a chamber in the comfort of their own home is more achievable than attending a clinic every day.

QRS PEMF Mat Treatment Prices

Our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field rent for $100 per week for a minimum period of four weeks.  For any long standing or chronic conditions it will take time for changes to become noticeable as the treatments are gentle and gradual, therefore we generally recommend clients rent a PEMF mat for at least three months to allow for the full benefits to become noticeable.  In saying that, most people will notice changes quite quickly! 


QRS PEMF Mat Purchase Price

We find that once our clients start experiencing the amazing benefits of daily use of our PEMF mats they decide that they need to have their own.  Fortunately, you can purchase QRS mats through Pure O2 for $6,000 including GST.

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment Prices

Our chambers rent for $400 per week for a set time period which will be decided on a case by case basis once your protocol has been drawn up.  Most conditions will require a block of 40 sessions, which is a two month rental (8 weeks).  There will be a $50 transport and set up cost at the beginning, and a $50 removal and transport cost at the end of treatment (for Bay of Plenty region – outside of this area deliver and removal costs will be discussed at time of consultation).  Payment in full will be required prior to delivery and set up.